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Buffalo Rose to perform at VOMA

Buffalo Rose to perform at VOMA


Our Town Correspondent

Pittsburgh-based band Buffalo Rose will perform March 10 at Venue of Merging Arts in support of their upcoming album, “The Soil and the Seed.”

The concert is being presented by Johhstown’s Hullabaloo Collective, a concert management and production team managed by Joshua Ensley.

Buffalo Rose is a six-piece folk band that was formed in March 2016. Members include Mac Inglis (dobro and vocals); Shane McLaughlin (guitar and vocals); Bryce Rabideau (mandolin); Jason Rafalak (bass); Lucy Clabby (vocals) and Mariko Reid (vocals).

McLaughlin said Buffalo Rose enjoyed its first two shows in Johnstown. Their first show took place at Dively’s, and their second at last year’s Cambria City Ethnic Festival.

“Our first performance in Johnstown took place on an incredibly snowy night at Dively's,” McLaughlin said. “We still had a great crew come out and a good night of music despite the snowy weather.”

As far as Cambria City Ethnic Festival, the band enjoyed that performance, too.

“We had a great time,” McLaughlin said. “The atmosphere (at the festival) was fantastic — just a ton of people wandering around downtown on a beautiful sunny day checking out art and music. It was really fun to play outside and the audience was very attentive and engaged, which made it a really fun show.”

“The Soil and the Seed,” scheduled to be released on March 30, is a follow-up to the band’s debut EP, “Red Wagon.”

“The Soil and The Seed" is a mixture of a variety of styles of folk and Americana music,” McLaughlin said. “Combining traditional bluegrass instrumentation with a pop sensibility and a wide spectrum of musical influences, we hope to have created a work that has something for everyone.

“One artistic theme throughout our music and lyrics has been exploring the relationships and parallels between the natural and human worlds, and we feel that this album embodies our belief in the power of that relationship. We are proud of the release, as we feel that is it very representative of our sound and style, and we have become better and utilizing and showcasing each member’s strengths.”

McLaughlin added that Buffalo Rose’s setlist will include “a ton” of new songs from the new album.

“These new songs have become a large part of our live shows,” he said. “We are very excited to have the new recordings out there.”

Should some advance copies of “The Soil and the Seed” ship in time, McLaughlin added, the band will make those copies available for purchase after the show. If not, McLaughlin said, their EP can be purchased at the show, and those who follow the band on Spotify can be notified when “The Soil and the Seed” becomes available for purchase.

McLaughlin said he and his fellow band members are looking forward to performing at VOMA.

“We encourage people to come out to the show because it will be a good ole time,” McLaughlin said. “We have a lot of fun performing and playing together, and I'd like to think our joy and energy is felt by the audience during our shows.”

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