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At the Arcadia Theater:

At the Arcadia Theater:

Saturday April 27, 2019 at 07:30 PM
Tickets: $35, $37, $39

The Arcadia is pleased to announce the return of ABBAMANIA after a two-year absence.  ABBAMANIA is an all Canadian cast and is the largest production of ABBA in the world with a fantastic look, sound, and vocals.  With a cast of 14 studio musicians, ABBAMANIA recreates ABBA in concert.  They are the only production to perform twice for the cast of MAMMA MIA.

“These are not just simple tributes, they are full-blown productions,” says producer Gary Lichach.  “They are the way ABBA actually was in concert.  It’s like going back in time.”

Come and join us as we pay tribute to the most commercially successful band in the history of Rock and Roll – ABBA.  ABBAMANIA takes great care to replicate the looks and sounds of this iconic band.  So, all you Dancing Queens (and Kings) get your tickets TODAY and get ready to boogie to the sounds of ABBA.


CHICAGO TRIBUNE, “Abbamania from Canada is spectacular.”

SAN DIEGO SYMPHONY, ” Incredible show.”

CAST OF MAMMA MIA, “Abbamania is vocally superb.”


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