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Maple Weekend

Maple Weekend

Maple Weekend

March 9 & 10, 2019

10 am-4 pm

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Historical and Genealogical Society of Somerset County, Inc.

The Somerset Historical Center is the heritage stop for learning about maple sugaring history and lore. See maple camps set up for the 1700s, 1800s and 1900s and also antique maple equipment. Taste the maple taffy treat, “spotza”, and freshly stirred sugar. Watch our coopers hand-craft wooden maple sugar buckets, known as “keelers.”

10649 Somerset Pike, Somerset, PA 15501

Contact: Kasey Ross at • Mark Ware at

Phone: 814-445-6077 •


Baer Bros. Maple Camp

Baer Bros. Maple is based around a traditional setting in the woods. We collect sap from over 5,000 taps. There will be sugar making, spotza, boiling on a wood-fired evaporator and tree tapping. The maple camp in on Appy Acre Rd. Visit our new maple equipment and maple product store at Sugar Cake Rd.

234 Sugar Cake Road, Somerset, PA 15501

Contact: Michael & Sherry Lynch at 814-442-3680 or 814-445-1930 • Email:


Walnutdale Maple Farms

Walnutdale Maple Farms is truly in the “Land of Milk and Maple.” The Friedlines have been boiling maple syrup and milking dairy cows for 4 generations. The “sugar woods” has 1,200 taps using state-of-the-art tubing, but visitors can still tap a maple tree the traditional way and gather buckets of sap at the sugar camp. Enjoy maple sundae samples.  Pure maple products available for sale.

287 Walnutdale Lane, Boswell, PA 15531

Contact: Carna & Lowell Friedline | Mary & Joel Friedline

Phone: 814-629-6032 or 814-233-4588 • Email:


Emerick’s Pure Maple Products

Emerick’s Maple produces award winning maple syrup off of their 4,500 taps in southeastern Somerset County. We offer maple syrup, sugar, candy and spread, maple nut toppings, maple mustard, maple barbecue sauce, maple coffee, maple tea and maple drops. NEW THIS YEAR: maple cinnamon sugar and horse-drawn wagon rides to the sugar bush (weather depending on Saturday only.) Come and see our operation, taste all of our maple products and some recipes made with our maple products. Please follow the posted signs - not your GPS.

180 Ridge Road, Hyndman, PA 15545

Contact: Matthew & Stephanie Emerick at 814-324-4345 or 814-521-5961 • Email:

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