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A Tribute to Neil Diamond – Featuring Tom Sadge

A Tribute to Neil Diamond – Featuring Tom Sadge

A Tribute to Neil Diamond – Featuring Tom SadgeSaturday February 22, 2020 at 07:30 PM
Tickets: $28-$32-$36 CLICK HERE for Tickets 

Tom Sadge has been a professional entertainer his entire adult life. He’s been a full-time professional celebrity impersonator (as Neil Diamond) since 1997.

Tom Sadge has met Neil Diamond and his band members on several occasions. Does Neil approve of Tom? During a concert in State College PA, Neil, spotting Tom in the front row, leaned over the stage and, pointing the mic at Tom, told the crowd of many thousands, “This guy sounds just like me!.”

Tom performed as “Neil Diamond” for years in top tribute production shows such as Las Vegas’s Legends in Concert and at Casino Arizona in Scottsdale.  He performed at Under Armour’s 20th Anniversary celebration, where he was mistaken for the real Neil Diamond as he sang “Sweet Caroline” with CEO Kevin Blank. The Baltimore Sun chose to feature Tom as Neil’s appearance in their story covering the event.

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