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Trucks for Smiles

Trucks for Smiles


Located at Somerset County Fairgrounds
Meyersdale, PA

Trucks for Smiles committee, friends, and businesses want to give truck drivers (and other drivers) a chance to help raise funds for the local Make-A-Wish® Chapter. This Make-A-Wish® Trucks for Smiles Convoy is the perfect way to fulfill some very special children’s wishes. Keep in mind, ALL proceeds benefit Make-A-Wish® children within Pennsylvania and West Virginia! Sign up for the convoy today to help kids with life-threatening medical conditions in our area.

Trucks for Smiles is a registered and approved fundraising benefit for Make-A-Wish®. Make-A-Wish fulfills the wishes of children with diagnosed, life-threatening medical conditions. Your donation to Trucks for Smiles will make it possible for more children to receive a dream come true, whether it be visiting Disney World, receiving a laptop, or even swimming with dolphins. Trucks for Smiles is sponsored and hosted by W. W. Friedline, Inc. We seek to use donated goods and services whenever possible, so that more funds can be made available to full children’s wishes. All gifts are deeply appreciated and help further the mission of the convoy. Register for the convoy and donate by contacting Mark Friedline. Office: 814-445-2193     Cell: 814-521-3656     Email:

2015 Trucks for Smiles Convoy raised $19,875.23 for Make-A-Wish® Greater PA and WV chapter.


Convoy leaves fairgrounds at 2PM

Registration fee is $60 per vehicle if registered after June 25, 2019. Same-day registration will be available at $60. 

Registration Opens: 10AM 
Live Auction: 12PM NOON 
Convoy: 2PM 
Ethan Jano: 4PM


  • Faith, age 6, trip to Disney World, spina bifida with complications
  • Andrew, age 12, trip to Atlantis, Hodgkins Disease
  • Jacob, age 17, fishing trip, disorders of Biliary Tract
  • Jacey, age 15, trip to Disney World, kidney disease
  • Zayne, age 14, trip to Disney World, bone cancer


2016 Trucks for Smiles Convoy raised $30,101.50 for Make-A-Wish® Greater PA and WV chapter.

LOCAL WISHES GRANTED: (Somerset County & Westmoreland County)

  • Sydney, age 17, trip to Atlantis, swim with dolphins, severe Crohn’s disease
  • Ashley, age 17, trip to Key West, ruptured cerebral aneurysm
  • Kayden, age 6, trip to Walt Disney World Resort, osteodystrophy & arthrogryposis (conditions that affect bone and joint growth)
  • Non-publicity child, girl, age 4, trip to Orlando, FL, Disney World, shaken infant syndrome
  • Non-publicity child, boy, age 5, bedroom makeover, shaken infant syndrome
  • Non-publicity child, boy, age 18, shopping spree experience, end stage renal disease
  • Non-publicity child, boy, age 8, begun the process of choosing a wish, neuroblastoma

2017 Trucks for Smiles Convoy raised $43,075.91 for Make-A-Wish® Greater PA and WV chapter.


  • Dakota, age 7, see dinosaurs at Walt Disney World Resort, epilepsy
  • Hanna, age 17, trip to Walt Disney World, cri-du-chat syndrome
  • Jacob, age 11, trip to Walt Disney World, cystic fibrosis
  • Aiden, 13, laptop and shopping spree at Lego store, Arachnoyd Cyst covering brain & spinal cord
  • Jackson, age 9, of Somerset County, wishes to meet Minecraft creator (wish in progress)
  • Non-publicity child, age 16, girl, swim with sharks, non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
  • Cole, age 11, of Portage, PA, trip to Disneyland Resort, Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma – rare childhood brain tumor
  • Noah, 16, shopping spree for things to keep him occupied while in hospital, MAW took limo and picked him up at hospital and went to Westmoreland Mall, Slinky Action Zone, Ewing Sarcoma (cancer in or around the bone)

Here at W. W. Friedline, Inc., we will be hosting the 5th Annual Somerset Area Make-A-Wish® Truck Convoy, in hopes to make wishes come true for very special children in Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The convoy, Trucks for Smiles will be held June 29, 2019, rain or shine! The convoy route will be announced the day of the event.

Any vehicle that is “road legal” is eligible to participate in this benefit convoy. (All vehicles including, but not limited to: fire trucks, semi-trucks with trailers, straight trucks, all emergency vehicles, pickup trucks, antique trucks, service trucks, etc.) Proof of license and insurance will be required on all vehicles upon registration. The registration fee is $50 per vehicle IF REGISTERED BEFORE JUNE 25th. Registered after June 25, registration fee will be $60. Each vehicle is asked to collect as much donation dollars as possible. If the vehicle raises more than $250, the registration fee will be waived. The vehicle that raises the most donation dollars will lead the convoy. The vehicle that raises the second most donation dollars will be second in line, in the convoy, and so on. To pre-register, contact Mark Friedline or Keri Friedline at 814-445-2193, on Mark’s cell at 814-521-3656, Keri’s cell (814) 521-9153 or by email at Same-day registration is an option. Also, the entry forms and convoy rules can be printed from

Donate today and help kids in our area pursue their wishes. If you have any questions or would like to pledge your support, please contact Mark or Keri Friedline. Visit our website at for more info.

No alcoholic beverages permitted.


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